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The Art of Recklessness Chapter 15

Title: The Art of Recklessness Chapter 15
Genre: Angst (lots of angst), Drama, Romance
Author: Undertheblu
Pairings: JaeHo, JaeChun, JaeSlut
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Warnings: Language, Sex, Character Death, Abuse
Summary: Yunho and Yoochun’s father remarried and now their welcoming his new wife and their new step-brother into their home. Suddenly having a new sibling is never easy, especially having to live with such a messed up brat like Jaejoong. Neither can stand his rebellious nature but neither can they resist his intoxicating character. As their relationships with Jaejoong develop, they come to realize why he behaves the way he does. With their new family members they also inherit the family secrets.

Read Chapter 14 Here: http://undertheblu.livejournal.com/9173.html

Previously: “Please,” Jaejoong whined into Yoochun’s ear, nibbling on his earlobe before pulling off his own shirt.
 “Jae,” Yoochun pulled him away, “this isn’t a good way to deal-“
“Jesus christ,” Jaejoong snapped, sliding off of Yoochun’s lap, “what’s twisted up your ass?”
 “I’m so sick of all you people.” Jaejoong hissed as he jumped off the bed, pulling his shirt back on as he stalked out of the room.
“You people?”
 “Yes, all of you!” Jaejoong shouted from the hall.
Yoochun lied back down on the bed and covered his eyes. Living with Jaejoong was like living with a fourteen year old girl sometimes, mood swings galore.

“Jae.” Yoochun sighed, sliding off his bed to follow the other out the door.
 “No no, I won’t bother you, Chunnie. You go back to your reading or whatever.”
“Jae I want to talk to you, what happened at your appointment?” Yoochun followed down the hall.
 “I don’t want to talk, that’s what the shrink was for, let’s go for a walk.”
He frowned, “Jae-“
 “Hurry up or I’ll just go by myself.” Jaejoong skipped down the stairs.
“I don’t care that you don’t want to hear it, I’m going to keep saying it. You can’t do stuff with your pills.”
 They passed through the rooms and out the door. Outside there was a slight breeze, the weather had been slowly getting  chillier, the cold weather rolling in to remind everyone of the season.
 “I don’t care,” Jaejoong repeated his earlier statement.
“You need to care!” Yoochun sighed exasperatedly, crossing his arms over his chest as they walked down the street, “Are you warm enough?”

   “I’m fine,” Jaejoong answered, mirroring the exact action Yoochun had just performed, “Chun, as long as I’m still able, I’m going to do what I want. And even after I’m still gonna try.”
 Yoochun sighed again, wishing Jae took things more seriously. Jaejoong’s eyes flashed over to the other, “You alright? I’m always taking the spotlight off of you two. How are things in your head, Chun?”
  “You can’t expect me to open up if you won’t.” Yoochun smirked, elbowing Jae’s own arm.
He shrugged with a smile, “I’m naturally pigheaded, no reason for you to be.”
  Yoochun wasn’t about to start up the conversation Jaejoong was asking for but he nodded over across the street as a distraction. On the other sidewalk Yunho was walking with Siwon and Junsu. Jaejoong saw Siwon falter on seeing him. Junsu started giggling and muttering to the others. Jaejoong’s eyes narrowed, he’d never liked Junsu, talked way too much but never had anything real to say.
  “Hey Jaejoong, you’re looking better, better enough to get back ontop of Siwon?” Junsu yelled across the street, laughing at his own words, “Or maybe under is a better term?"

  Yoochun darted his eyes to the other as he saw Jaejoong start across the road, fists clenched. Shit. Yoochun thought as he saw Jae advance towards the other three.
 “Oh, might get what you want,” Junsu giggled, elbowing Shiwon.
“I don’t think so,” Yunho chuckled to himself, backing away, recognizing Jaejoong’s body language.
  “How come you’re always yelling at me across the street like a dog, huh?” Jaejoong snarled, taking his last steps before coming right up to Junsu and smashing his fist right into the other’s face. Junsu had still been giggling, failing to see the danger coming straight for him.
 “AH!” Junsu cried out, grabbing his now bleeding nose, “The fuck is wrong with you?!”
Yunho couldn’t help but laugh as Junsu cradled his nose and Yoochun grabbed Jaejoong’s arms to keep from continuing Junsu’s beating.

  “I can’t even hit him back!” Junsu mumbled angrily.
 “Oh be my guest!” Jaejoong laughed, “Go ahead, take a shot. We’ll see how fast you’re running your mouth when-“
“Wouldn’t want you to crack another rib.”
 “I’ll show you a cracked rib.” Jaejoong pulled against Yoochun’s grip.
“Jae, stop it.”
 “How’s the nose, Su?” Yunho laughed, unable to control himself.
“Shut up!”
Yoochun wrapped his arm around Jaejoong’s waist, pulling him close to his own body and farther away from Junsu, “Let it go.”
 “Why should I?” Jaejoong growled, glaring over at Junsu who was still holding his nose, “That little bitch-“
“It doesn’t matter, come on.” Yoochun sighed, worried that Jae had hurt himself in his hitting of Junsu.
  Yunho glanced over at Siwon, expecting him to be laughing like he was. Instead he saw a strange look of longing on Siwon’s face as he stared at Jaejoong wriggling in Yoochun’s arms, trying to escape like a small kitten.
You can’t be with him, you know, Siwon. He thought. You should just stop pining after him. Soon he’ll be gone. So just get over him.
Yunho turned his gaze over to Jaejoong, something inside him aching for that crazy mess of a person just as badly as Siwon did. Just get over him. You know you can’t have him.

  Jaejoong stared out the window, his cheek resting on his palm as he watched leaves fall from the trees. He knew the colder out it got, the more people were going to fuss over him. In all reality he understood that, time was dwindling way for him. They all treated him like a nuclear time bomb. But I suppose I am, after all.
He didn’t turn his gaze away from the window to even acknowledge the doctor’s words.
 “Jae.” His mother sighed, the ever present worry in her voice, “Please.”
Jaejoong rolled his eyes as he head around to look at them, he pulled his legs up under him in the chair he was occupying. He shot a glance at his father, who’s lips were pursed in an annoyed line. Good. Why should this be any easier on you?
 “Do you remember anything about that day? Did anything your parents say sound familiar?”
Nope. I wasn’t listening.
 He shook his head, turning back to the window. Outside a woman walked by, pushing a stroller with a small child giggling inside. He heard his father let out a heavy sigh.

 “What I remember about that day,” He began, rubbing his forehead, the words making Jae’s skin crawl, “is the expression on your face when security brought you to me. You didn’t cried at all. Or not then at least. You just looked stunned.”
  Jaejoong shifted in the chair, crossing his arms defensively.
“They tried to ask you what happened and all you did was shake your head. They knew because of the security cameras, but they just wanted to hear it from you. I thought maybe you just couldn’t speak. That you were in too much shock,” Tetsu spoke, directing all his words toward Jaejoong, who’s eyes were darting across the room. His father’s words weren’t angry, weren’t annoyed, none of the usual tones that Jaejoong recognized from him. This was much more defeated sounding, “But maybe I was wrong about that.” There paused before continuing again, “You clung to me, you’ve never done that since. You didn’t say anything, but you were shaking. Shivering like you were cold.”
  “Stop it.” Jaejoong hissed, frowning at the window.

 “That was the age you were trying to get independence, I think every teenager does. But that day, you just seemed like a seven year old again,” His father stared at the floor as he spoke, “You had this scared look on your face, like I was going to be angry with you.”
 Jaejoong’s body screamed to run. To get up and leave. But he knew they weren’t going to let that happen a second time.
Leave me alone.
  “Having to call up your mother, and explain what had happened. Telling her that-“
 “Stop it.” He repeated, his anger obvious.
 “Why, Jaejoong?” The doctor asked.
He shot him a glare, “Because I don’t want to listen to this!” They were all looking at him, waiting and watching. He hated them for doing this to him. He hated them, “Why do you care?! Why does it matter? Why should I have to relive it? What does that accomplish?”
 “Relive what, Jaejoong.” The doctor asked.
Jaejoong narrowed his eyes at him, if there had been anything near he would have thrown it at the man. He looked over at his mother for help, for something. Her face was full of sympathy but she didn’t offer any help.
 “Can you tell us what you remember about it, Jaejoong?”
“NO!” He cried out, feeling like a trapped animal. Angry tears forming in the corners of his eyes, “I don’t want to remember it! I-I-“ He started coughing and had to stop his yelling. Mya sighed and stood up to walk over to him, cradling him in her arms.
 “W-Why are you doing this to me?” He managed to get out through his choking, tears now streaming down his face as he looked up pleadingly at his mother, “Isn’t it enough that I h-have to die soon? W-Why can’t you just-“
 His words broke off as he continued to choke on his tears, burying his face in his mother’s arms as he cried.

A/N: Gahhh I didn’t know it had been so long since I last updated! Sorry for the long wait! And I also apologize for cutting it off here, I’m writing with a migraine and I just don’t think I can do this justice this way. I’ll write more soon! I hope everyone’s doing well :)


Mar. 4th, 2013 05:17 am (UTC)
Well congratulations. but I want to
Mar. 4th, 2013 07:24 pm (UTC)
I’ll write more soon I promise!