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The Art of Recklessness Chapter 14

Title The Art of Recklessnes Chapter 14
Genre: Angst (lots of angst), Drama, Romance
Author: Undertheblu
Pairings: JaeHo, JaeChun, JaeSlut
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Warnings: Language, Sex, Character Death, Abuse
Summary: Yunho and Yoochun’s father remarried and now their welcoming his new wife and their new step-brother into their home. Suddenly having a new sibling is never easy, especially having to live with such a messed up brat like Jaejoong. Neither can stand his rebellious nature but neither can they resist his intoxicating character. As their relationships with Jaejoong develop, they come to realize why he behaves the way he does. With their new family members they also inherit the family secrets.

Chapter 13 here http://undertheblu.livejournal.com/8792.html

  “Would you consider yourself angry?” Dr. Shin asked.
 Jaejoong sighed from on top of the psychologist’s desk, swinging his legs back and forth as he stared up at the ceiling, “You’re kind of leading the session aren’t you?”
 “Then what do you want to talk about?”
“I don’t want to talk.” 
  “Then what do you want. You must want something.” The doctor asked, tilting his head.
  Jaejoong rolled over onto his stomach to meet eyes with the other man, me smiled as he rested his cheek on his hand, “I bet you know what I want.”
“Come on,” Jae rolled his shoulders back as he tilted his head, his trademark grin planted on his face, an eyebrow rising mischievously, “This is the perfect place for something like that. With your secretary right outside. Sounds fun.”
 The doctor eyed him for a moment before asking, “Aren’t I old for you?”
  Jaejoong shrugged, still smiling, “I don’t think so.”

 “Most people your age don’t search out relationship with adults so much older. Why do you think you do that?”
  He watched as Jaejoong’s face tightened, his shoulders stiffened and he sat up, turning away from the doctor’s eyes. Jaejoong’s body language gave him away too easily.
  “Jaejoong? Does the question bother you?”
 He turned his face to see the other man, his eyes narrowed, “Yes.” 
 “What about the question?”
“The fact that you’re asking it.” Jae snapped.
 “Well, I’m interested to hear your opinion on it.” Dr. Shin answered, “It isn’t a very common behavior.”
“I don’t see anything wrong with it.”
  “Your parents seem to disagree. They seem to think you have a very specific reason for it-“
“I’m not doing this.” Jaejoong shook his head, sliding off the table.
 “Jaejoong-“ Dr. Shin stood in return.

“I don’t care what my parents told you, it’s not true!” He snapped as he went for the door.
 “Jaejoong, please sit back down. I just wan-“
“There’s nothing wrong with me to need your help. Goodbye, Dr. Shin.”
  The words were cut off as Jaejoong slammed the door behind him. He stormed past the secretary, who looked nervously after him. His skin burned as he pushed through the glass doors, speeding towards the car. He wanted to kick it but he got in instead. His phone was already vibrating on the leather seat beside his, he looked over, ready to throw it out the window.
   “What?” He growled, raising the device up to his ear.
 “Get back in there!” His father’s voice answered in reply.
“He notified you quickly, you guys got each other on speed dial?” He revved up the car.
  “Jaejoong, you can’t just keep running away-“

 “You want to see running away? Oh I can do that Daddy-“
“Jaejoong! Go back! You need to talk about this.”
 “No no no,” He laughed, his hands clenching the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were turning white, “You need to stop talking about it! It didn’t happen!”
 “Jaejoong,” He heard his father sigh, “it did. And everything you do just reinforces it.”
 “Fuck you and your psychological babble.” Jaejoong snapped, fully aware that he was driving way too fast, “You just hate the idea of me with older men so you made it up in your head. It wasn’t rape.”

 “Jaejoong.” Tetsu sighed on the other end, hating to have this same conversation so many times, “Please go back. You need to talk to someone about this.”
  “There’s nothing to talk about!” He yelled, throwing the phone over his shoulder into the backseat. His face burned, eyes already full of tears. Hating everyone. Hating the lives they got to lead. Hating every little secret he ever owned being on display. As he drove through a dark tunnel, his mind wandered to an almost peaceful blankness. So desperately he wanted to let the vehicle drift into the wall. End everything.
   Stop it.
 He sucked in his breath, realizing the car had in fact been drifting slightly.
   Stupid. That’s not going to help anything.

  “Yoochun?” Jaejoong stumbled into the room, stirring Yoochun from his homework, “Yoochun, why is everything so..curvy? I mean, nothin is ever just straight forward. You for instance.” He started laughing at his own words as he fell onto the bed next to Yoochun.
  “Are you high?” Yoochun sighed, moving over to give Jaejoong more room.
“Are you lonely, Yoochun? Do you get lonely? I get lonely,” Jaejoong’s lips lid into a pout as he rested his head on Yoochun’s lap.
 “Are you stoned? What’ve you been doing?” Yoochun reached for Jae’s arm, Jaejoong yanked away.
“I am.. I am trying to have an intellectual conversation with you and you’re.......what’s up with your light?”
  Yoochun couldn’t help chuckling, he brushed his thumb over Jaejoong’s flushed cheek, “What went wrong?”
 “Yoochun, Baby, what goes right in my life?” 

 Jaejoong crawled up so that he was straddling Yoochun’s lap. Yoochun sat up so Jaejoong could wrap his arms around his neck. Jae rested his forehead against the other’s, closing his eyes.
  “Jae, you really shouldn’t be getting high.”
 “All the more reason,” Jaejoong giggled into Yoochun’s neck.
“Not with your medications.”
  “I don’t care,” Jaejoong shook his head as he leaned in to kiss the other, grinding his body down on Yoochun’s. Jae intertwined his fingers in Yoochun’s dark hair, pressing their lips together without any rhythm. 
  “Jae,” Yoochun whispered as Jaejoong started tugging at his shirt, “You’re upset about something, we shouldn’t..you should talk about it.”
 “I don’t want to talk,” Jaejoong mumbled as he yanked Yoochun’s t-shirt over his head, “I just want you.”
  Just let me use you. And go ahead and use me how you need to.

“Please,” Jaejoong whined into Yoochun’s ear, nibbling on his earlobe before pulling off his own shirt.
 “Jae,” Yoochun pulled him away, “this isn’t a good way to deal-“
“Jesus christ,” Jaejoong snapped, sliding off of Yoochun’s lap, “what’s twisted up your ass?”
 “I’m so sick of all you people.” Jaejoong hissed as he jumped off the bed, pulling his shirt back on as he stalked out of the room.
“You people?” 
 “Yes, all of you!” Jaejoong shouted from the hall.
Yoochun lied back down on the bed and covered his eyes. Living with Jaejoong was like living with a fourteen year old girl sometimes, mood swings galore


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Feb. 9th, 2013 08:26 am (UTC)
You updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What took you so long? And this was awesome :D
Feb. 9th, 2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
I’m glad you liked it :) Sorry it’s kind of short.
Feb. 9th, 2013 08:58 am (UTC)
what's with jae and older men? angsty jae is back full force.
Feb. 9th, 2013 09:45 am (UTC)
Feb. 9th, 2013 12:42 pm (UTC)
Jae was rape? by whom?
Feb. 9th, 2013 03:40 pm (UTC)
In Chapter 12 I say: “Are you trying to make a statement with the older men?”
“Yup,” Jaejoong sighed, turning his head away, “just trying to get your attention, Dad. “
“Is that true?”
“No. If I really wanted your attention I’d go fuck one of your business partners. That always seemed to do the trick.”
His father’s lips slid into a tight line, “Why do you talk about it so nonchalantly? You talk about it like it was something you want-“
Feb. 10th, 2013 12:39 am (UTC)
OMG! Poor Jae!! I am so interested in the plot twist. I must say that I didn't see the rape situation coming but now a lot of Jae's actions/reasons for doing/saying things seem clearer. This is my second time re-reading this chapter. I'm so addicted to this story!
Feb. 10th, 2013 12:45 am (UTC)
Yeah I was waiting to reveal that so it was a shock. I’m so glad you like the story :)
Feb. 12th, 2013 06:12 am (UTC)
Lol his reaction, even tho messed up, is very cute ^^

Thanks for writing!!
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